The Red Angus Herd

Our Red Angus herd was founded in 1998, using genetics from Leachman in Montana, USA. Since then we have used other sires to widen the genetic base of the herd, as the red version of the Angus breed has become more popular in the UK. The Red Angus is the foundation breed for many successful composite breeds worldwide, because it has been strongly selected for its commercial and maternal values; ie fertility and milkiness.

This selection pressure has become ever more focussed on modern requirements for low maintenance, high performance cattle.

Our foundation stock was designed to combine these qualities with moderate birthweights and high growth rates, and to produce cattle with conformation to meet UK carcase specifications. Their ability to thrive in our increasingly unpredictable climate can be seen from these photos.

We sell our bulls from 15 months of age to work in commercial herds, mostly for breeding suckler replacements, and often for use on heifers due to their easy calving traits.  As well as Angus they are used on many different breeds including South Devon, Devon, Sussex, Simmental, Red Poll, and various crossbreds including British Blue cross.

We have had positive feedback from over 120 bulls now sold, and working all over the UK. See the News Page for details. We have exported bulls to Spain, France, Ireland (north and south), Poland, Bulgaria and Czech Republic in recent years. We have also sold bulls to AI studs - Cogent buying two in 2015 and two in 2020; and Dovea Genetics in Ireland buying one in 2014.

As Red and Black Angus are the same breed, the reds are registered with the Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society in Perth, and qualify for Angus premium beef schemes.


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