Border Leicester Sheep

Border Leicesters are ideal for breeding ewe replacements, and make excellent crosses on most breeds from Suffolk, Lleyn, Cheviot, Texel to the Welsh Mountain breeds. These crosses make long lived and high performing females. They also have good conformation to produce prime lambs. As a British native breed they have been exported to all corners of the world, and are especially numerous in Australia and New Zealand.

The Frensham (BL53X) and Braidwood (BL19G) Flocks

The Frensham flock was established by Sophie in 1982 with foundation ewes from the Braidwood flock.

Braidwood, near Lanark in Scotland was the home of Roberts mother Rosemary Whitcombe and her flock was established in 1942. She had many successes over the years and served as President of the Society from 1984-86.

Since her death in 2009 the Braidwood flock was gifted to Rosemarys grand daughter Emily, and the two flocks have been run together at Berry Grove Farm.

They share a common objective: to breed long, well fleshed and correct sheep which are vigorous and fertile. And also sheep which are not forced, so that they will do well wherever they go to work. Successful stud sires from Stenton, Glenside, Knockglass and Eildon keep the genetic base as wide as possible, assisted by breeding from the Australian sire Oaks Pride.

Current Stock Sires -


Trinant Prince Philip
, purchased Builth Wells ram sale 2018 for top price of 1100 gns.

Meidrum Taff
, purchased Builth Wells ram sale 2018. He was second prize stud ram in the National Flock Competition England and Wales Section in 2017.

Past Stock Sires -

Eildon Horace, who was Champion ram at the Buith Wells ram sale in 2010, and purchased for a record price of 2700, has been a very successful and influential sire. He passed way in 2017.

Lyham Munro, purchased Kelso ram sale 2015 was a worthy successor and bred wonderful females.

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